Five Reel Film: Aural Cinema by Vince Charming
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Giulia of the Broken Heart

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Words and Music by Vince Charming (August 2003)

VC: Takamine acoustic and Fender Strat electric rhythm guitars, bass guitar, drum programming, lead vocals

Michael Grow: Telecaster/Sratocaster lead guitar

Randy Berge & Hali Hammer: special guest backing vocals

She arrives at the party mid-Saturday night (Giulia)
Off balance and all alone
The host knows something isn't quite right (Giulia)
In her own little twilight zone

Too young to give up hope
Not ready for something to start
Giulia of the broken heart

In the morning she's at the head of the class (Giulia)
The sovereign of Sunday School
Bathed in colored light from the stained glass (Giulia)
But still feeling like a fool

Too blessed to give up hope
Too blind for something to start
Giulia of the broken heart

Now Jesus loves and Jesus saves
He's in all her prayers, in all her raves
Not even Jesus could save her now
But there's one who could show her how

He's got long brown hair and deep green eyes (Giulia)
Scars inside, scars on his face
Conceals his beauty, contains his lies (Giulia)
Knows his role, knows his place

Too old to live on hope
Open for something to start with
Giulia of the broken heart

Mother Mary stands at the church door
Sacred Heart who loves the poor
Does she hear the prayers, does she hear the cries?
The beating hearts, our desperate sighs?


The first song on the CD is the first song I wrote after a four-plus year drought. I had started bits and pieces during that period, but this was the first fully realized song to come out. Mike Grow and I were in the midst of trying to put together a trio with a female violin player/vocalist and I wanted to write a song for that context.

Giulia is the Italian spelling for that name and it came later in the writing process. Yes, this is based on a real person, and as is the case in so many of my songs, she is fully fictionalized as well. After she heard this song she quickly vanished from my circle. Surprise, surprise!

I meet so many sad, broken-hearted women and I wanted to capture the image of one who is so quick to look to religion for her salvation, when it can be so readily obtained here on Earth. I was raised Catholic, and I have many issues with the church, but I really don't have problems with those who find comfort there. What I really find difficult to understand are those who refuse to see what is clearly in front of them. Giulia is one of those people.

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