Five Reel Film: Aural Cinema by Vince Charming
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Cold December Dream

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Cold December Dream Sample

Words by Vince Charming, Music by Vince Charming & Michael Grow (December 2003)

VC: Takamine acoustic and Fender Strat electric rhythm guitars, bass guitar, drum programming, vocals

Michael Grow: Stratocaster lead guitar

It's always about the ones who get away
My heroes never wrote about the ones who stay
I let you go, I prayed to high above
My only wish for you was happiness and love

But in my cold December dream
It was you who came running back to me
In my cold December dream
A wistful glimpse of how good it could be

It's always about the ones you can't get out of your mind
My heroes wrote about them all the time
Memories transcending time and space
I try my best, but I can't forget that face

But in my cold December dream
It's like an alternate ending on the latest DVD
In my cold December dream
Images better left on my TV screen

She comes looking for what she has been missing
And I welcome her with open arms
But it's too late to believe
Just a dream come to deceive
I must admit that I'm alone
In this quest for a home
I sit up in bed and shake my head
And a cold December dream is dead

It's always about the one who gets away
My heroes never wrote about the one who stayed


This song is the most plainly autobiographical of the five. It is literally about a dream I had in December of 2003. We all have those dreams where our greatest desires and hopes come to fruition. I found this one to be particularly vivid and unsettling. So many Hollywood movies offer us that easy ending: where the girl comes back to the guy at the end. My dreams often have a certain Hollywood cinematic quality to them.

The age old question of whether women and men can be friends is one I've been researching all my life. Of particular study has been whether ex-lovers, or love-interests (as is the case in this song) can remain close after the moment has passed. In the song I have cut ties with the woman and find myself haunted by the "altenate ending" to the story where she comes back realizing that I was the "one" after all. This song is all about how I reject that dream and come to grips with reality. If it were only that easy!

I had this song about 80% complete and asked Mike to come over and help out. His presence really cinched it as the two of us came up with the musical bridge to which I later wrote the lyrics. That could be the best part of the song (along with his knockout "hook" guitar part).

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