Five Reel Film: Aural Cinema by Vince Charming
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City Girl

Click on the link below to hear a sample of the song.

City Girl Sample

Words and Music by Vince Charming (July 2004)

VC: Takamine acoustic and Fender Strat electric rhythm guitars, bass guitar, drum programming, lead & harmony vocals

Michael Grow: Telecaster lead guitar

She's the new girl on the 23rd floor
Quickly adding to the city's lore
Out every night with her Camel Lights
Her face made up, a mojito held tight

City girl how you have changed
Chaste and devout's no longer in your range
City girl flirty, cool, and hip
More confident with each sweet, minty sip

Is it your father's ghost that haunts you now?
His demons pouring out of every pore
He's not there to make you cut your hair
Keep you in your place, eyes on the floor

City girl moving man to man
Each with one thing on his mind
City girl has her own plan
Leave the prodigal daughter way behind

Isn't it love?
Isn't it love that you're looking for?
Push comes to shove
You let the right one walk out your door

City girl playing your games
Every café and bar knows you by sight
City girl who's really to blame?
You're lost in a fog of San Francisco nights...


Two songs in a row about leading ladies: two young women haunted by past failures and dealing with it it two very different ways. Giulia runs from her past straight to the church. Here our heroine rejects her upbringing and heads straight to the local tavern.This song was highly influenced by several songs by my songwriting hero, Ray Davies of the Kinks. He has a few songs about young, wayward lasses getting lost in the big, bad city. Go listen to "Big Black Smoke" or "Polly" for a reference point.

Only I could write lyrics called "City Girl" and have it come out as a country song. Again, this was insprired by a real person who has been put through the Charming fictionizer machine. Last summer I discovered the delicious mojito (a cocktail with fresh mint leaves, lime, and rum) and just had to include it a song. The image of the formerly teetotaling lead character sipping a mojito in SF bars was a tough one for me to picture, but it fits right into this song. Mike's nasty lead guitar was the perfect compliment to the seemingly happy, bouncy rhythm of the song.

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