Five Reel Film: Aural Cinema by Vince Charming
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In Sanity's Reel

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In Sanity's Reel Sample

Words by Vince Charming, Music by Vince Charming & Alan Zucker (July 2004)

VC: Takamine acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drum programming, vocals

Michael Grow: lap steel


Round and round and round she goes
Where it stops, he certainly knows
It's the only thing he knows how to feel
He is trapped
In sanity's reel

Einstein's definition
Heard it years before
Do the same thing over again
Remain the same at the core
Expect a different outcome
With each endeavor in vain
No bit of pluck, not tenacious at all
Just a bit insane


What makes this so intriguing?
Keeps the remote at bay?
Hero's doomed, there's no way out
Should he press play?
Is his ingénue oblivious?
Or does she revel in his pain?
She knows how this will end
So who is it that's insane?


Years and years spent spinning round
The same old lies, the same sad sound
The same brief joys, the same sharp pain
The tragic reel of the insane


Don't you just love word plays? Here is a song that I have massaged and tweeked lyrically since it was first conceived. That is not my usual working method. After the 2004 election it took on new meaning.

Sure, I'm the man who is famed for doing the same thing over again and expecting different results, but there seems to be so many of us these days. This song, of course, led to the inspiration for the title of the CD. This was the first of three songs I wrote in July of 2004 over a one week span. It ended up being a very traumatic week for me as I tried to push my limits and found that I couldn't deal with it. It was definitely one of those "watch what you wish for" moments. I found myself in a very familiar situation that I hoped could lead to something more to my liking. Alas, it was not be. Will I ever learn? Only time will tell. I had a mini-nervous breakdown and began recording this CD!

I had this song started and froze up. I thank Alan Zucker who came over one evening and came up with the music for the verse and helped inspire a fit of creativiy that finished this song.

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