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Rock, Pop 'n' Roll

You don't like acoustic guitars? You want some fiery electric guitar and some catchy riffs? Well then, side two is for you. It opens with one of my most recent tunes, "Some Say" featuring ex-Vicious Hippie Rich Brodsky on lead guitar. We go way back to our 'Lektrik Subs days and it was great to have him here in to studio. Next comes a completely forgotten "gem", "Oblivious" which was one of the first songs I ever recorded using multi-track recording back in 1986. The searing, Dave-Davies-like lead comes from my brother, Jimi via the magic of trading files through that ole series of tubes known as the internet. The next two songs sat on the shelf for many months awaiting lead guitar and in both cases, I got impatient and decided to do it myself. Thanks to studio magic it almost sounds like a "real" guitar player. Finally the hook-laden "Heart Condition" closes the side harkening back (with a bit of twang) to the the Neo-Americana of side one thanks to the playing of Mike Grow (and a bit of me mimicking him as well). Angela's double tracked violin parts during the chorus were conceived in the studio as I just suddenly heard those parts in my head. Of course, I was just able to hum it to her and she had it down in moments. These kinds of flourishes demonstrate how much I listened to and enjoyed ELO during the seventies.

Some Say


Where's My Little Girl

The Fall

Heart Condition

Rockin' in rehearsals with my band Gravity's Rainbow at the Sportsdesk West in Berkeley, circa 1983.

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