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Side One:

Neo Americana

Welcome to the first side of my "double" CD. Side one features memebers of my ex-band the New Americans playing a unique style of music we dubbed "Neo Americana." Featuring two of my latest songs combined with two songs from the mid-nineties, these songs combine a diverse blend of American musical genres that we put together in our live act and had always been a part of my songwriting. It's a pinch of ole style country, a dash of bluegrass, a splash of classic rock, a slice of rockabilly, and a bit of pop all mixed together in a beautful musical swirl. Normally we'd add a hint of San Francisco psychedelia, but I've saved that for side four. Harmony and duet vocals are also an important component of these fours songs with former New American Kay Roland providing the female voice in "Still Beautiful", violinist Angela Hessler adding harmony to "Stay Sweet" and Suzie Kirrane adding high harmonies to "Another Road Song." I do the honors on both the middle and high harmonies on "The Chameleon." So...on a CD all about musical diversity, this side itself exemplifies my musical cornucopia. Feel free to explore more and investigate each song individually, or if this side isn't your cup of tea, move on to sides two, three, or four!

Still Beautiful

Stay Sweet

Another Road Song

The Chameleon

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