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Side Four:

And Now for Something Completely Different

I originally wanted to call this the psychedelic side, but there's really more too it than that. Certainly the imagery in my lyrics in these songs is more surreal than the songs on the other sides. From a scene of sobbing women at my imagined grave site, to that of a woman kept in a cage, to another's broken heart and artist's soul tattooed right into my skin, to finally allowing one's mind to move where the colors flow these songs betray the large number of hours I have spent listening to so-called "acid rock." Though each song has psychedelic influences the music is much more varied; in fact, side four may be the most musically diverse of any of the sides and may even best represent the "so many me's" of the title. "Grave Measures” is basically a rock song, but also has the bridge with its mini-string section interlude. “Flight” when first conceived was more Arabic, but in this form has both a Latin jazz and Gypsy feel to it. “Tattooed” started as basic reggae but morphed into what we used to call Parisian Beatnik Reggae. And finally “Unconditional Love” may be the most atypical Vince Charming song on the album. A simple piano ballad that I transformed into a dance song. So read on and explore side four. You’ve made it this far and if you haven’t liked sides one, two, or three, this must be the place for you!

Grave Measures



Unconditional Love

Live at the Keystone Berkeley in 1984 with Juliette Jones of the 'Lektrik Sumbmarine The entire 'Lektrik Submarine Dance Band (with Rich Brodsky at way left) live at the Bear's Lair on the UC campus in July of 1983.

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