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Read below for credits, the story, and lyrics.

The players:
VC:  lead & harmony vocals, Moserite acoustic guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, Fender Stratocaster guitar (slide), Yamaha CS1 synth (piano), drum programming

The Story:

Technically, this is the first song I wrote and recorded for this CD. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing at the time…Originally my idea was to write an whole album’s worth of songs that had the titles of reality TV shows. Of course the songs would have nothing to do with the TV shows. I wrote this and that’s as far as I got. I sometimes feel I could write sad, country songs like this in my sleep…but perhaps not. This song really straddles the line of being a genuinely sad story of loss…and being corny. Hopefully it falls on the right side of that line. Shortly thereafter I got my first MacBook which of course came with Garage Band. I wanted to mess around with it and began recording this, which was my latest song. As part of the recording process I decided to teach myself how to play slide guitar. I tuned to open “G” and messed around for a day or two and then gave it a go. It came together quite quickly and then the song just sort of sat around for awhile. As I began recording in earnest the following year, I knew this would have to be included. The only thing I did was add the harmonies which had developed as Angela began playing this live. And then one day I sat with my acoustic guitar and came up with the slower, bluesy version of the song we currently do live. But with the addition of Brian on drums, we’ll revert back to this version live.


The Biggest Loser
Sit down and listen to the saddest story ever known
Been told before by paupers & princes in palaces & homes
If my version of the tale seems odd to your ears
Grab a chair, sit right down, sip your drink and cheers
When I was young I had what you might call a treasure trove
A wealthy youth who dwelt in the small town called Shady Grove
But all my riches could not be contained in any bank
Her name was Ana Lee and on my heart she pulled a prank
I’m the biggest loser that you ever seen
Now I look for love from Reno to Abilene
She did not realize the value of a heart that’s true
That’s why I drink alone tonight singing this for you
Many years passed and I became a learned man
Who vowed to never let his heart fall into another’s hand
But into my life came a woman from the Middle East
A trusted friend until from in my soul emerged a beast
I felt the pangs of romantic love but kept them tucked inside
Until one long summer’s night, my feelings ceased to hide
I kissed the one who only longed for friendship true and strong
And when my that love eluded me I was on the road and gone
Chorus 2:
I’m the biggest loser that you ever known
And my heart remains as hollow as a bone
I did not realize the value of a friend steadfast and true
That’s why I drink alone tonight singing this for you
I thought I learned my lesson but the lesson’s never learned
There ain’t no place in this ole world where you won’t get burned
If you long for more than the good Lord gives to you
You’ll be a loser just like me sad, bereft, and blue
 repeat chorus 1