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Unappreciated Genius

Unappreciated Genius

This is the page to find a wide variety of my songs from over the years. I’ll be changing the song selection from time to time and you never will know what you might find: rare live cuts, forgotten demos, new material…

Below are tunes recorded early in 2007 right after I acquired my new recording device. Click on the song title to listen or download for free. Lyrics and anecdotes are printed below. Have patience and keep scrolling down.

Tailor Made

VC: vox, Fender P-bass, Fender Strat, Roland D5 synth, drum programming, tambourine

If you think that 80’s synth pop had no effect on my songwriting career, here’s proof it did. This is a nearly 20 year old song that has languished on the shelf (actually on a tape) all that time being heard by basically nobody but me. The late 80’s were a time where I moved into a recording studio, wasn’t playing with any regular band and spent my time perfecting my piano playing and recording many demos that nobody ever heard. I haven’t really played much keys in the last few years and it has been way fun dusting off my chops. I distinctly remember trying to write a pure pop song when I wrote this as well as trying to seduce a certain someone. For the life of me I’m not sure what made me start recording this after I got my new recording device, other than I think it’s a great

In a world concerned with fashion
You gotta watch what you wear
Within the threads and seams of my passion
You can see every rip and tear
My suit is made of patches
But at least they’re handmade
I got a leather tie that matches
And a belt of brown suede
Beyond the clothes that I wear
Despite the rips and tears

I’m tailor made for you…
Stitch by stitch…
Tailor made for you…

Remember the feeling of that old summer dress
That hugged, but didn’t restrain
But the clothes of today are smug and repress
The choice of comfort instead of pain
I don’t ever want to tie you down
Squeeze that waistband too tight
Never make you feel like those high-heeled shoes
That keep your feet hurtin’ through the night
But this is no fashion trend
I’ve got a heart to lend

I’m tailor made for you…
Stitch by stitch…
Tailor made for you…


If the Sky Can Cry

VC: vox, Fender P-bass, Fender Strat, Mosrite acoustic, Turner Renaissance guitar, Roland D5 synth, dijembe

This song was originally started while I was teaching preschool in Oakland in the winter of 1993 and finished in Los Angeles a year later while I was in my credential program. It was a tough time when I started this song: a serious, long-distance relationship had just failed and I was about to quit my job and eventually go back to school. It took me over a year to finish and the music came much later.There had been several weeks of rain in LA and it reminded my of the lyrics I had started the year before. I was performing quite a bit in LA’s coffee house circuit and was in the peak of my sensitive, singer-songwriter period. I don’t think I have a song that more typifies that type of muisc than this one. I had only played this solo acoustic before and I really enjoyed fleshing it out in the recording process!!

I lie and listen
Listen to the rhythm
The rhythm of the falling rain…
The little ones say the sky is crying
God must be filled with sorrow
They don’t need to know why, no need for prying
It will be clear and blue tomorrow

The sorrow is deep within my soul
But still my eyes are dry
If the sky can cry
Then why can’t I?…

I lie and wait
Wait for the water
The water to fall from my eyes…
Counselors say to let it all out
Don’t keep the sorrow within
The rain will fall without a doubt
But I hide behind this grin


It’s raining, it’s pouring
The little ones all sing
But when they hurt, they’ll cry…
Their emotions are soaring
With the ups and downs youth brings
They flow with the lows and highs…

I lie and listen…

1 or 2/93 &