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Read below for credits, the story, and lyrics.

The players:
VC:  lead vocals, Moserite acoustic guitar, Tacoma Thunderchief acoustic bass; Mike Grow: Fender Stratocaster lead guitar; “Cousin” Ken Maffeo: Roland TD5 digital drums; and featuring Samantha Olson: fiddle (aka violin)

The Story:
Anyone who has seen me perform over the past fourteen years has more than likely heard me sing this song. It instantly became a set or show ending tune and always gets a very positive reaction live. It’s original inspiration came one night when a friend of mine who I’d been sweet on for some time spent an hour or so telling me how depressed she was…wondering if I knew how to score some hard drugs so she could drown her sorrows. Of course, if she had chosen me the year prior over her cheating ex-boyfriend, then all of that could have been avoided…but that’s another story. As the days passed I experienced two other gorgeous, smart, talented women going though similar “man trouble” and it drove me so crazy that I had to write this song combing all three of their personalities into one subject.  I hadn’t really transformed into the country/Americana artist I am now when I wrote this and for the first year or so of performing the song, I joked that Garth Brooks was after me to buy it. Playing the song with Mike over the years it did become more rock ‘n roll, but when old friend and bluegrass virtuoso Samantha Olson came into the studio, she steered it right back to Nashville, where its heart really lies. I must thank my good friend (and talented singer/songwriter) Hali Hammer who loaned me her awesome Tacoma Thunderchief bass which I play on this and several other tracks…it really sounds like an upright which makes the rhythm really bounce! 



I Love Everything (He Hates About You)
He hates the way you wear your hair
Doesn’t like your big, round derriere
He can’t stand your crooked nose
And doesn’t care for your taste in clothes
He never thought much of those pictures you drew
But I love everything he hates about you
 It’s a foolish man who wants perfection
But your little quirks are my predilection
He hates it when you start to cry
Never thought much of your brown eyes
He can’t stand your bowed legs
One man’s ambrosia is another’s dregs
He even hates your crude jokes too
But I love everything he hates about you
 You can change for him or stay the same for me
In his eyes faults are in mine, beauty
He hates it when you wear your glasses
Wouldn’t stand for your acting classes
He hates the fact that you’re so smart
No patience for your pursuit of art
So look my way, yeah here’s a clue
‘Cause I love everything he hates about you
I love everything….
 He never thought much of those pictures you drew
But I love everything he hates about you
 So look my way, yeah here’s your cue
‘Cause I love everything he hates about you…