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Read below for credits, the story, and lyrics.

The players:
VC:  lead & harmony vocals, Moserite acoustic guitar, Danelectro DC 12 electric 12-string guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, drum programming;  Angela Hessler: violin; Mike Grow: Fender Lap Steel guitar; Danah Olivetree: cello.

The Story:

“Gone” was the first song I wrote while spending a last weekend at my family’s place in Malibu. I was playing around with Buffalo Springfield’s “Go and Say Goodbye” and then took some of those changes, mixed them up a bit, and came up with one of the sections for this song. After a messy breakup I felt that I had to become a new person, I had to shed my skin and be born again…I had to be quite literally “gone” and this song explains that feeling. I “lyric check” both the title of, and a song from my last CD and make reference to Paul Allen’s colossal yacht Octopus  that sat docked offshore. I sat and stared at that yacht for hours strumming my guitar on my balcony on that last warm weekend in October… I’m still trying to become the new me. When I first began to perform the song Angela came up with the cool violin riff you hear in the chorus…I tried to duplicate it with Danah’s cello…but something didn’t sound right (her cello can still be heard on the bridge…making it super orchestral). Luckily I was able to get Angela in the studio and she nailed the part in about 10 minutes!

Don’t look for me in familiar places-
Seedy bars down on the avenue
All you’ll see are the drunken faces
Of that long, lost wrecking crew
‘Cause I’m gone…long gone
I’m gone…gone, gone, gone
Pieces of my heart are scattered on the twisted trail
That meanders through my past; it’s such a tragic tale
You can try to piece together these maudlin yarns of love
But don’t expect any help from my because I’ve had enough
Don’t look for me in those comfort zones
Strolling down some scenic trail
All you’ll see is the heavenly specter
Of all my useless travail
‘Cause I’m gone…long gone
I’m gone…gone, gone , gone
That longhaired hippie boy singing songs of peace & love
That helpless, hopeless romantic who pinned his hopes on some mythic dove
All those me’s you used to know have faded into gray
I don’t know where I’m headed and there’s little left to say
Sitting at the edge of the world, I see the blue and sparkling sea
And that billion-dollar yacht that’s docked isn’t waiting there for me
I won’t be back here ever again; I take one last look and sigh
The only words that escape my lips are “Bye, bye, bye”
Don’t look for me in familiar places-
Venice Beach or Malibu
I’ve left behind the airs and graces
And I’m waiting for a brand new cue
‘Cause I’m gone…long gone
I’m gone…gone, gone , gone…