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Welcome to a page all about “Forgotten”

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Read below for credits, the story, and lyrics.

The players:
VC:  vocals,  Moserite acoustic guitar, Fender Stratocaster guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, Yamaha CS1 synth (piano & synth), drum programming

The Story:

There is so much to tell about “Forgotten”…where do I begin? First off, I wrote these words in my senior year of high school at the ripe old age of 17!! It tells the story of an amazing night from the perspective of the morning after…”did it really happen at all?” indeed! Having recently reunited with the girl of my dreams from elementary school after not having seen her for nearly six years, she came to me at a wild party in the Hollywood Hills to reveal a secret that literally blew my mind. In my crazy state of puppy love, I had made her what later became known as a “mix tape” (not sure if that phrase existed in 1975) that told of my undying love for her. I sent it off in the mail…and then promptly never saw or spoke to her again. This despite the fact that we went to the same junior high school for three of those years. So as I’m apt to do…I pined away…flash forward to 1981 and I nearly knock her over in the stands at a Harvard basketball game..and we sort of become friends….we see each other at parties and games…she’s dating one of my buddies. Now I’m at this party…drinking too much Heineken, wearing my German black leather motorcycle jacket, long golden brown hair dangling around my neckline, permanent 5 o’clock shadow doing my best Jim Morrison. This party is populated by my brothers from the Harvard School For Boys…you remember it…the one that gave us “The Billionaire Boys Club”…so it’s all Izod and Topsiders and then…me. She finds me away from the throng on the back patio…of course she’s with a date…but  he wants to go to another party and she sneaks away to talk to me. And then she starts to talk about my mix tape. My heart quite nearly stopped beating. Not only did she get it…but she thought it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her in her life!! Of course fantasies of happily ever after dance through my head…but the night moves on…We talk for hours and it ends with her hugging me and planting a sweet kiss on my lips… well….the rest is a whole other story…I was never able to write music to these words, so they (like so many other sets of lyrics I have…) sat in a file unknown…and forgotten..

So now it’s 2009 and I’ve just recorded “The Biggest Loser” on Garageband and I’m thinking of doing another song. Somehow I’m going through old lyrics and I chance upon these and pick up my guitar and amazingly come up with the music in a matter of minutes. While recording I was very much under the spell of some of Robbie Robertson’s solo work…perhaps a bit of U2 inspired guitar playing and maybe even smidge of Peter Gabriel. I’m not sure when the song got its title. I had no title when I wrote it and it’s scribbled on the lyric sheet…so fitting. A song about a forgotten love…itself forgotten by its songwriter and now over 30 years later…shared with the world. This song is so different from the majority of the music on this CD…but I just absolutely love it. If only I’d been able to write and record music like this in 1981…..



Women wandering their way around me
Blond heads blur my eyes………
I woke up and things weren’t the same
Strange sensations, just can’t quite explain
What went on and for how long?
Or did it happen at all?
The world had changed
My life’s rearranged
Don’t recognize the rays of the sun
My life passed by
Between the blink of an eye
And the weekend had barely begun
Or was it a dream
Yes, that’s how it seems
The forgetting fits in the format
And if it was real
Then how do I feel?
Cause you know I can’t leave it like that
A secret for six years
Forgotten within my fears
Something so strong that it hurts
Did you say I was cool
Or simply a fool
While I spoke my emotions in spurts
No, things are not the same
I’ve only your actions to blame
Were you as drunk as I
Or was it the other guy
That made you speak and explain
I’m free
You’re fee
We have a remedy
Love is the key to unlocking me…