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Read below for credits, the story, and lyrics.

The players:
VC:  lead & harmony vocals, Fender Precision bass guitar, Yamaha CS1 synth (piano, strings, horns), drum programming; Danah Olivetree: cello

The Story:

Musically you couldn’t find two songs for disparate than “Daisy” and its predecessor, “Cut It Out”. Lyrically they both share the same trait of looking at things from a woman’s perspective. This time it’s a blind date. Now, I’ve been on more blind first dates that I care to admit. I wanted to write about this particular one, but my impression of my partner in blind dating was one of someone from another time or another era…a woman dressed in a sundress that indeed had been sewn by her mother and sat at the bar drinking a Manhattan waiting for her clueless date who walked right by her not recognizing her at all. When I began to write the song, somehow the image of Daisy Buchanan  from The Great Gatsby flashed though my head. This Daisy doesn’t really share much with Fitzgerald’s Daisy…other than she belongs in another time…perhaps in the 50′s, but certainly  not in the 21st Century. The creation of this song deviated from my usual process in many ways. First off…this is jazz pop, nothing like the Americana that is on the rest of the CD. Also, I usually write lyrics first and then find a melody and chords. For “Daisy” I wrote both music and words simultaneously. And lastly…I had written nearly every song on the guitar for many years, but I really wanted something different…so I wrote  on the piano and came up with a song that I love…and though it’s a bit of a departure, hopefully you like it too. Like a few others…this song was “done” by fall of 2009…but I came back to it, redid the vocals, and added Danah’s nice cello part, just to beef up some of the string sound.



Daisy steps on the sidewalk
A blind date and she can’t be late
Takes the train smiling yet uneasy
She orders a Manhattan
A strong drink while she has to wait
Takes a sip now feeling cool and breezy
He shuffles in and walks right past her
She grabs her glass and takes a swig
Her heart begins to beat a little faster
Oh could this be the start of something big
Daisy shines in a sundress
A simple frock that her mama made
But in his eyes she’s an angel dream
She starting to relax
He makes her laugh and she tosses her hair
Mama said things are never what they seem
The night moves on and she’s digging deeper
She tells him secrets no one’s ever known
He is so kind; got be a keeper
She gets a chill way down to the bone
In Daisy’s mind there plays a scene
When one she loved acted so obscene
She shakes her head; tries to concentrate
He takes her hand and there lifts a weight
Opens a gate
Looks her straight in the eye
Daisy’s turning over a new leaf
She’s seen some light, now she wants the sun
Just one more reason to believe
She’s thinking of the future
Counting her blessings one by one
Like the stars on this summer’s eve
The days move on and when he calls her
She’s gets a thrill when she hears his voice
Optimistic and feeling so sure
Finally a reason to rejoice