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Cut It Out

Welcome to a page all about “Cut It Out”

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Read below for credits, the story, and lyrics.

The players:
VC:  lead & harmony vocals,  Fender Stratocaster guitar (rhythm & slide), Gibson 335 electric guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, Yamaha CS1 synth (synth), drum programming

The Story:

Every once in a while I like stepping out of myself and writing a song from woman’s perspective. Here is the classic story of the woman involved with a married co-worker and coming to the realization that there is only one way to end it… to literally cut out that piece of her heart. Of course I put a bunch of my own feelings and experiences into the song having myself fallen for a co-worker who managed to go months (and a few dates) before telling me she had a boyfriend. This song dates back to 1998 and even though I wrote it on an acoustic and performed it a few times solo, I knew its true essence was a hard rock song. For some reason (and honestly I really don’t know what inspired me) I began recording this around the same time I was writing and recording both “Daisy” and “Don’t Be Afraid”. I had taught myself to play slide guitar for “The Biggest Loser” and thought that I might again try it for “Cut It Out” and it sounded great. It sat for a year or two and when I was hard at work on the other songs for the CD , I came back to it, added the 335 guitar part, came up with the harmony and lastly dubbed the synth part to just add something a little different.


Cut it Out

She said she’d never let it happen again
Fall in love with a married man
But how could she know
 when it all began
And words were locked behind
 an emotional dam
Chorus 1
That piece of her heart
 where there was no doubt
She’s got to cut it out
No need to weep, no need to pout
She’ll just cut it out
An office romance,
she’d been there before
Secret kisses behind closed doors
They’d go for coffee,
do lunch downtown
Would he lift her up or let her down?
Chorus 2
That piece of her heart
slowly filled with doubt
So she’ll just cut it out
No need to cry, no need to pout
She’ll just cut it out
She’d heard her name, seen her face
But no ring, no photos anyplace
Nine months went by
without the words “my wife”
But when they came she took out a knife
She’ll cut it out
Just a piece of her heart
She’ll cut it out
She didn’t need that part
She’ll cut it out
Where his name had been
 Cut out that tumor growing within
One last chance,
they took a walk by the bay
She had so many things
she wanted to say
Let him know how she feels,
let him know that she cares
She didn’t have the heart
 to cut the love that they shares
Chorus 1 & 2
A piece of her heart drops into the bay
Drifts through the Golden Gate
 and just floats away…